Teeth Whitening Boise - Laser Tooth Whitening , Bleaching

Teeth Whitening Boise - Laser whitening and bleaching options.

WHICH ONE SHOULD I DO? Laser or trays?

Teeth whitening is probably the most popular and conservative cosmetic procedure we do. Most people are a candidate for teeth whitening. People often want to know which way is better. Doing the in-office laser whitening or using trays at home? The answer depends on many factors.

First one must make sure they are a candidate for teeth whitening. Most people are. Things that would exclude a patient are previous dental work on teeth needing whitening. Dental work does not change color. So if you have any crowns or fillings on your front teeth they will not change color and you'll be left needing to replace dental work to match your new shade. This is why many over-the-counter products should be avoided because you may be in for a surprise when certain teeth don't bleach. This is easily detected by a dentist so that you are aware of this before hand. This is why anyone needing dental work should make sure they are happy with the color of their teeth and if not, they should whiten before the work is performed.

Also, certain types of staining will just not bleach. Tetracycline staining or other major internal staining will not bleach out and may require veneers to change the color of the tooth. Also teeth with very thin or no enamel will not bleach as well.

When it comes to whitening, concentration of bleach and time are the 2 most important factors. Over-the-counter concentrations are not strong enough to make much difference. Only a dentist can provide a concentration strong enough to significantly whiten teeth.

In office laser whitening uses the highest concentration. It's so high that we can't send it home with you for fear of damage to the gums and surrounding tissue. That is why we retract the lips and put barriers on all the tissue so no bleach comes in contact with anything other then the teeth. The procedure takes about an hour and definitely produces the quickest results. Sensitivity is minor or non-existent as desensitizer is placed on the teeth during the procedure.

Take home whitening uses custom made trays that are used to hold the bleach close to the teeth for a couple of hours. This method is also highly effective but requires much diligence as some people take a long time to bleach. I recommend patients put the trays in and go to bed with them in. The bleach will eventually neutralize and you won't over bleach. This process can take up to 6 months or more depending on how well your teeth bleach and your desired final outcome. On average 6-8 weeks is required. Sensitivity is minimal due to desensitizer mixed in with our bleach.

For someone serious about tooth whitening we recommend a combination of the two. An in-office treatment combined with a short time of home whitening usually delivers great results. The take home trays can then be used for maintenance every so often.

Whitening is very safe and a great way to begin improving your smile. We are usually running promotions with teeth whitening, so check our office for more details.

Mercury Fillings Removal Boise - White Fillings Meridian - Eagle

Information about mercury fillings and the dangers associated with them. Learn about mercury filling removal in Boise, Meridian and Eagle, Idaho and replace with white fillings ( composite fillings)

ARE METAL FILLINGS DANGEROUS? This is one of the most common questions we get in our dental office. It has been a controversial subject in dentistry and the public, as well as the FDA, have had changing views.
Here is a link offering more info.

Mercury fillings have been used for over 150 years. Although mercury is a dangerous material it is combined with silver alloy to create amalgam fillings.

Amalgam today is still used by most dental offices. This is because it is a very strong and long-lasting material. It is also very easily placed which is why it is so commonly used.

Today dentistry has more choices for fillings, including gold, composites (tooth colored plastic), or porcelain. Each has it's own advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of Amalgam are its strength and ease of placement. Its disadvantages are many. In order to place amalgam fillings quite often excess tooth structure must be removed. In order for amalgam to be strong is must be large, many times larger then the cavity dictates. This often results in a weakened tooth which is more prone to fracture. It often leaves thin walls of enamel that aren't strong enough to resist the forces in the mouth. Amalgam can also expand and contract with temperature and time, resulting in cracks and fractures of the remaining tooth. This can result in the need for crowns, root canals, or even worse, loss of tooth. With newer materials we can be more conservative in our treatment.

Amalgam is also an unsightly material. It darkens and tarnishes over time leaving the remaining tooth dark, blue, or grey. Perhaps you have seen someone with a tooth that looks grey or blue. This is usually an old metal filling shining through the tooth or leaking.

The FDA has been changing their position on Dental Amalgam. In most parts of the country it is illegal to dump mercury into the environment. So why is it safe to store it in your mouth? While I don't believe that amalgam fillings are dangerous I do not place them in my practice. I do not recommend replacing all your metal fillings unless there is reason to do so. Cracks, leakage, decay, fracture, weak tooth, and aesthetics are all good reasons to replace them.

At Aesthetic Smiles we use the best, most beautiful, and long lasting materials. A properly done composite filling can be beautiful, strong, and long lasting. It can also be a more conservative restoration leaving more of the tooth undamaged. If done improperly it can fail quickly. Composite (white fillings) are more time consuming to place and more technique sensitive. It is important that your dentist be trained and highly competent in bonding composite fillings.

In summary I believe amalgam to be safe from the research we have seen to date. I also believe it can be a great restoration in the right situation. We most likely get more mercury exposure from our environment then we do from our fillings. That being said it would not be the restoration of choice in my mouth.