6 (six) Month Speed Braces or Veneers?


Dentistry now has more options then it used to when it comes to improving your smile. More and more people are becoming aware of this as television shows such as Extreme Makeover have educated the public about what dentists can do to improve your image.

Many of the complaints I often here about ones smile is, "I have crooked teeth", "I have spaces or gaps in my teeth", "I don't like my overbite", "I have bucky or beaver teeth" or "My smile is crooked." The list goes on.

Most of these cosmetic issues can be fixed with braces. Although veneers are a great option to fix most smile issues, orthodontics is always an alternative. In fact in many instances orthodontics or braces is the preferred method.

The benefits of braces are that treatment can be more conservative as well as less costly. The downside has always been the length of treatment. Typically comprehensive orthodontics can be 2 years or more. Because the goals of comprehensive orthodontics is to create an ideal bite and fix the back teeth, treatment can often be lengthy. If comprehensive orthodontics is the goal of treatment then we can also help. As a Licensed General Dentist we can often meet most of your dental needs.

At Aesthetic Smiles we are happy and excited to offer an alternative to those not wanting to go through lengthy orthodontic therapy. It's called our 6 (six) month speed braces. It is a way to create a beautiful smile in about 6 months without having to go through 2 years of braces or the expense of veneers. It consists of wearing tooth colored brackets on the teeth that show in your smile (THE SMILE ZONE). We use new wires with technology to quickly move the teeth in your smile. Before you know it you'll have straight teeth and a great smile.

Most of our patients choose this treatment because their goals are to have a better smile, in a short amount of time, at a reasonable cost, and with minimal intervention. Many of our patients comment on how most people did not even know they were wearing braces or that the 6 (six) months flew by so fast that it was over before they knew it.

Our 6 (six) month speed braces is a great alternative to veneers. Although veneers are the ultimate choice when it comes to making over a smile, 6 (six) month speed braces is quickly become a close second. People who have chipped, worn, discolored, or unhealthy teeth can benefit greatly from veneers. If you feel that you like your teeth but they just aren't in the right position then 6 (six) month speed braces may be right for you. Please contact us to see if you are a candidate for 6 (six) month speed braces.

Here is a short Video describing the technique.

visit the official site www.6monthsmiles.com

Here is an example of how our speed braces technique corrected a smile

Dr. Wade Pilling is a dentist in the Boise, Eagle, and Meridian Idaho area who focus's on General and Cosmetic Dentistry.

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