Are My Teeth From China

A common question we get lately is "Are my dental crowns and restorations made in China?" This is a valid concern. Things made in China have come under the microscope as reports of harmful substances are found in certain products made there. This trend of having things made in China has spilled over into the dental community. Many labs and dentists outsource their dental crowns and restorations to China. The main reason is cost. Labs in China can make things for a fraction of the cost. So what are the drawbacks? Some reports have found elevated amounts of lead in these restorations. More then the FDA recommends. Things made is China do not go under the same quality control measures used here in the USA. Most reports show poor quality both cosmetically and fit wise when it comes to these restorations. At Aesthetic Smiles we would never compromise quality just to save a few bucks. Chances are that you would need the work replaces sooner then usual resulting actually more cost. I would never use a dental lab from China to create work for me or my family, so we would never do it to a patient. We use some of the best dental labs available who create beautiful, natural, and healthy dental restorations. It doesn't matter whether you live in Beverly Hills or Boise Idaho, you deserve the best dentistry. So next time you get a dental crown you should ask where it's being made.
Here is a news clip discussing the issue.

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